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The simple app for meeting space on demand

Just Boardrooms is so simple you’ll be like, “But what’s the catch?” There isn’t one.

Browse boardrooms, book boardrooms, become one with boardrooms. Rent by the hour, the day or longer, whenever and wherever you want. The app does everything else. It sends your invites, it makes your payment, it smacks your ass and calls you Johnny.

Say buh-bye to coffee-shop conference calls, from-your-car business pitches, and dining-room-table brainstorm sessions.

Say hey girl hey to Just Boardrooms.

Download the app and start doing biznass your way

"I prefer my meetings to be one-on-one, but I'm not opposed to adding a third person. I'm flexible that way!"
| Darnel from Finance

How to use Just Boardrooms

However you fancy. Rent space to host a meeting, pitch a concept, jam with colleagues, or design the specs to your toaster that’s also trades Non-Fungible Toasters.

Each boardroom listing will delight you with details—location, fee, pics of the space, and so on.

Does the boardroom have everything you’ll need?

  • Number of guests
  • Transit or parking options
  • Available technology
  • Extras like break-out rooms, kitchen access, portal to an unknown dimension, etc.

Got questions about the space? DM your host through the app.

Do you wear boxers, briefs or a G? The choice is yours with Just Boardrooms.

Download the app and start doing biznass your way

Just Listing

Want to list your boardroom?

Just Boardrooms is the soft and creamy solution to making moolah off your meeting space.

To be a Just Boardrooms host, create your free host account, apply to list your boardroom, make some popcorn, and laugh maniacally as you start attracting new traffic into your space. Even though your boardroom is listed, you still maintain control over it. And we’ve done all the legwork and lawyer-y stuff to ensure our app is safe and secure for you.

If you have questions about opening up your space (or your heart), and how best to attract guests, get in touch with us.

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Discover a simple, all-in-one solution to monetizing your boardroom

"It's great to have people inside me again!"
Formerly Empty Boardroom |

How to make your listing glisten

We make creating your boardroom listing easy peaze. Follow the step-by-step process and give us as much detail as you can, so we can get you approved faster. Do you like Kate Bush? Tell us everything.

Keep in mind you’re selling your space to potential guests, so get in there and make your listing sexy.

Our reccos include:

  • 4-10 high-res pics
  • A short, catchy, vivid description
  • Detailed technology specs
  • Consider finishing touches, like a mini fridge of drinks and snacks, or a weird guy sitting in the corner who meows
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Our y tho?

More like, y not? We saw an opportunity to give goal-oriented humans a leg up with a simple, technological tool that not only empowers you to do business your way, but makes smart, sustainable use of under-used space.

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